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eure helden

BRÜNHILD:  You‘re stronger than each and every man at this court.

KRIEMHILD: And yet I‘m none of them.

BRÜNHILD: So become one of them.


Based on the Songs of the Nibelungs (author unknown), translated by Karl Simrock

Text + Directing

Philine Köln



Steffen Aicheler, Marlon Frank, Joana Lavie,

Armin Moallem, Judith Shoemaker, Silviana Ursu, Maximilian Wenning

Artistic Support

Steffen Aicheler, Anita Brokmeier, Anna Clart, Christos Kotanidis, Tamara Lieber, Christin Maaß, Mandy Speda



Kai Engel, Lobo Loco, Armin Moallem, Scanglobe, Rafael Weissengruber

Supported by

Haus der Jugend Zehlendorf 

Performed October-November 2019, at Café Theater Schalotte, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte and Theater Verlängertes Wohnzimmer

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