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“I do say what I mean – at least, I mean what I say – and that’s the same thing, you know.”


Is communication the solution or the problem? Classic characters from Fontane to Ovid juggle between understanding, misunderstanding and utter confusion.


A scenic carousel, freely adapted from

Emily Brontë - Lewis Carroll - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - Theodor Fontane - E. T. A. Hoffmann - Franz Kafka - Ovid - Leo Tolstoy

Text + Directing 

Anita Brokmeier, Anna Clart, Philine Köln



Steffen Aicheler, Behrad Beh Nezhad, Marie-Luise Böhm-Wagner, Anita Brokmeier, Anna Clart, Philine Köln 


Artistic support

Joana Lavie, Mandy Speda, Isabelle Schulz



John Bartmann, Ergo Phizmiz, RPM Orchestra, Scanglobe 


Supported by

JFE Wannsee, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Jugendkulturzentrum Königstadt, Haus der Jugend Zehlendorf

Performed September 2019, at Theater des Verlängerten Wohnzimmers

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