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CATHY: What makes my life worth living if you destroy everyone who loves me?

HEATHCLIFF:  What makes it worth living if I don't?


One soul, trapped inside two bodies.


Adapted from Emily J. Brontë's novel

Text + Directing

Philine Köln



Marcel Frank, Malika Kaiser, Niklas Marzinek, Armin Moallem, Jasmina Mosorovic, Eugenia Winckler

Artistic Support

Steffen Aicheler, Anita Brokmeier, Anna Clart, Christin Maaß, Lilly Schlagnitweit, Mandy Speda



Armin Moallem, Chad Crouch, Devil Music Ensemble, Scanglobe, Sláinte

Supported by

Haus der Jugend Zehlendorf, JFE Wannsee, Jugendkulturzentrum Königstadt, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte 

Performed March 2019, at Theaterhaus Mitte and Brotfabrik

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